Defying Gravity Workshop 2/17

This is going to be so much fun! I can hardly wait! Some of you said you wanted it and so here it is!

Work on how to approach inverted poses in stages, with lots of support – and practice how to fall out of these poses safely. Expect to work on the core, confront your fear of falling, and focus on the bandhas [locks] and how they impact inversions. We’ll do a vigorous vinyasa practice to build the heat and strength for these challenging postures, play with many of the variations, and workshop strategies for incorporating these poses into your regular practice.

This workshop is intended for intermediate or advanced students looking to deepen their understanding of crane [bakasana], handstand [adho mukha vrksasana], and forearm balance [pincha mayurasana].

Sign up here.

(c) photo courtesy of Kimberly Lockwood

(c) photo courtesy of Kimberly Lockwood

One thought on “Defying Gravity Workshop 2/17

  1. running yogini says:

    As an update, we had a fantastic workshop this past weekend. We got upside down and folks took their practice to new heights. Stay tuned for another workshop soon. Thanks for all the support, love and adventure! ~yogi devon

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