New to Yoga

photo courtesy of Kimberly Lockwood

New to Yoga?  
You’re in the right place.

Yoga isn’t about being flexible.  You don’t come to yoga because you can already touch your toes and put your foot behind your head.  Most people who come to class can’t! They’re working on it!  It’s a process.

Along the way, maybe it happens, maybe it doesn’t.

Yoga is  a sense of adventure that simultaneously allows you to cultivate stillness in an intentional and personal way.

Most yoga, and the yoga Devon teaches, includes Sun Salutations to warm the body.  The foundation is the (1) push up, known as chattarunga in sanskrit, (2) up dog and (3) down dog.  These movements help link the breath and the movement & breathe.  We use an audible ujjayi breath that also helps connect you to the present moment.

All classes are taught progressively so you can settle in and choose the level of intensity appropriate for your body on any given day.

Some tips for newcomers:

  • Bring an open mind. Be patient!
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Have fun!
  • Wear Loose fitting, comfortable clothing – forget the socks
  • Stay hydrated before and after practice
  • Listen to your body