Mom/Baby Yoga

Mom/Baby Yoga is appropriate for the postpartum body, whether you are an adoptive parent, had a cesarean section or delivered vaginally. Many mothers (and dads, and aunties) attend with their babies but it is also lovely to come to class without your baby.

IMG_6342 - Version 2.JPGThis class is for you. So unlike other classes, its not necessary (although anything goes) to bring a carrier to wear your baby. Diaper changes, feeding and settling your baby can all happen within this space. If your baby is perfect and never cries, this class is not for you, (please don’t make the rest of us feel bad 😉

The class is a moderate vinyasa flow that builds on prenatal yoga asana to stretch tired backs and shoulders that rock, feed ,and snuggle newborns. I offer standard modifications for a healing body.  We work on integrating the work of the transverse abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. You will build strength and most importantly continuing to build community with other new parents.   Most of the participants often coffee and lunch together after class.

Friday 10am @O2 Yoga Somerville: 288 Highland AveIMG_8553 - Version 2