Mother’s Day Special!

So much happening for the Moms!

 Yoga for Birth & Labor will be held April 4th, 12:30pm at Cambridge O2 Yoga.  Join me! Register

IT’S BACK! Yoga & Massage Special!  I partner with the wonderful and talented Kate Wolfe for an hour prenatal (postnatal) massage and 3-yoga classes.  Schedule classes & massage within 3 months from Mother’s Day 5/10/15.  Classes available day after purchase. No refunds. Register

And as always…

Prenatal Yoga
Monday 8pm, The Breathing Room Boston
Wednesday 5:45, O2 Yoga Cambridge

Mom/Baby Yoga
Focus is for postpartum body but Dad’s can and do come too!
Monday 2pm, O2 Yoga Cambridge
Friday 10am, O2 Yoga Somerville

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