Corporate Wellness

Bring yoga wellness to work!

Devon visits businesses as part of corporate wellness  initiatives.  When employees work hard, relaxation and attention to physical health reinvigorates and rewards their dedication. She has taught classes in the non-profit and for-profit sectors at small sites, budding tech start-ups, and other firms. No business or cooperative is too small for strategically designed classes.

Mid-day/Lunch break classes provide a meaningful interruption and enable a more productive afternoon.

Yoga, Meditation, and Wellness sessions can be arranged:

  • weekly
  • seasonal series
  • workshop for staff development/team retreats

Our class tends to be early in the morning. Devon’s cheery smile and demeanor even early in the morning makes it easy to concentrate on the moment and forget about the day’s to-do list.” -W

Please contact Devon for details arranging yoga in your office.