Yogis’ Love

IMG_3486Dear students:

I am most appreciative and energized this month because of all the love my students have shown me in the past year when I started teaching double time.  Thank you ALL, a million times over for coming to classes and including  me on your yoga journey:

…The new mothers who come to pre-natal are ever-radiant, beautiful women who make my week a comfort;  The vinyasa folks who fly and flow on their mats are inspiring and always open to my *original and experiential* sequencing;  Finally, the kids and teens I teach humble me:   I am grateful that at a young age you are empowered  with the gift of yoga.

It is joyful to have a job that consistently reciprocates the values of yoga because I show up and give my best.  I am inquisitive and curious because of the challenges I face with my students on the yoga mat.

Here’s a special shout out to the teen girls I just started teaching this month who gave me this sweet valentine.  They are giggly and smart.  Thoughtful and kind.  Curious and brave.  On Valentine’s day, they gave me my first valentine.  Thank you girls!  I am heartfelt for my job as your yoga teacher and lucky to know each of you as the wonderful young women that you are today.

With gratitude,

xxoo Devon

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