Autumn 2014 – Cape Escape

Retreat & Eat again with Devon & Chef Gould for another fabulous long weekend!


Additions include:

  • Massage by Mass Metta, included with registration
  • An *extra* day to yoga & enjoy: 2 extra classes
  • Round trip tickets to the Vineyard

Rates $625-$750

SUCCESS!!!! We  completed our first weekend adventure.  We had a great time and learned so much. Next time promises to be more fun.  Reviews coming soon!

Spring 2014 – Seasonal Yoga Escape

  • Arrive Friday for Dinner & Yoga
  • Twice a day, 2hr balanced yoga classes
  • Classes are centered around students’ challenge poses
  • Accommodations in Woods HoleIMG_2775
    • Waterfront views from all bedrooms
    •  Single or shared rooms
  • Gourmet Meals by Personal Chef Gould
  • One Excursion
  • Limited


A long weekend, less than 80 miles from Boston, yet an absolute escape from the urban bustle. You will reset and renew.  An intimate gathering of yogis will enjoy four 2-hour classes.  We’ll mix more restorative, meditative practices with fiery, heat-building flow.

When we’re off our mats, biking, boating, and exploring Woods Hole are options. There are bikes, a kayak and a beautiful deck to relax on if you want a slower pace. Reading and walking through the nearby woods can be meditative. We are also a short trip to the Vineyard. We’ll be staying a house that sits on the water.  It’s a home and not a corporate setting allowing for an intimate, familiar space wonderful for building community, laughter and conversation.

We’ll enjoy  gourmet vegetarian food with some seafood sprinkled in, all provided by Chef Gould.  Gould trained at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan.  Then, in Berkeley, he created delicious daily menus of fresh local cuisine. He’s cooked as a personal chef and sous chef in larger establishments.  Gould specializes in seasonal and regional cuisine no matter where he is:  You’ll be impressed! He might even teach you knife skills.

Please email Devon to Register.  Because our group is intimate, we want to ensure that this is the best fit for you.