Prenatal Yoga

Perinatal yoga classes are designed for you during the entire child bearing year.  It is never too early to come to class.  Devon is a doula, childbirth educator and experienced perinatal yoga professional.  For you, looking-in with yoga is a great way for new moms and babies to connect!  Yoga has an added benefit of also alleviating some chronic discomforts of pregnancy while holistically fostering the unique relationship between mom and child.

pregnant-739548_1280Mom builds strength in prenatal yoga to help her adapt to a changing pregnant body.  She cultivates a steady mind that can help in birth and through those early days after birth.  Research also shows that babies are effected by stress- yoga is a terrific way to release and let go!  Even and especially if you’ve never done yoga, this is the perfect time to start; what a great way to start motherhood by supporting your new baby’s growth and development! 50% of students are veterans and many are new.

When your baby arrives, meet new moms and participate in a community of other neighborhood mothers who are adapting to taking care of a newborn and lack of street.  Mommy/Baby classes honor this fourth trimester and can be valuable for all moms, even second time mothers who need a moment to value their newest gift. See what people have said about class on Facebook!

Wednesdays:  5:45pm  @ O2 Cambridge 1001 Mass Ave
Saturdays : 12:30pm @ O2 Cambridge  1001 Mass Ave

Fridays:      10:00am @ O2 Somerville  288 Highland Ave

Devon is also available for private prenatal classes at your home or the studio. Contact her for details and pricing.