Kids Yoga

Kids yoga classes fuel creativity, cultivate patience and relaxation.

Our classes are structured around games that practice listening, cooperation and empowerment.  As adults we do yoga because it makes us feel good and helps us outside of class. The same is true for children. The way children respond and integrate the practice is amazing! Simple tools that can last a life time show children how to use their bodies, how to relax them and how to be proud in the skin they are in!

I have experience in youth based sports development.  I have written and managed after school  curriculum focusing on sport for elementary and middle school children.  I have taught in schools as part of their sports curriculum.  I throw Yoga Birthday Parties,  have Teen hangout sessions where we do yoga and other mindfulness activities. I  enjoy playing and playing and playing with kids.

In the Classroom & Series

Over the years, I’ve taught children from ages 3-18 at: The Advent School, The Commonwealth School, International School Boston, Needham YMCA, Maxwell’s Green Housing, and O2 Yoga.  Currently, I have a Kanga & Joeys series at O2 Yoga Cambridge.

Please email me (yogidevon AT gmail DOT com) if you have any questions about incorporating Kids or Teens classes at your school or center.

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