From you the students.  

Yogi and yoginis recommend practicing with Devon!

Devon is very thorough instructor. She is able to offer subtle corrections without calling students out. Devon makes sure each student gets something out of each pose, despite the classes’ varying experience levels.” – Will. 


Devon has been instructing a group of us at the New England Aquarium for a few months now and it has been absolutely wonderful. Logistically in terms of getting things set up, she was flexible and accommodating and made sure everything was done right.

Once we started with her yoga classes, we were hooked. She is easy to follow and makes everyone feel comfortable. She started with basics to get everyone on the same page, and then made sure to add challenges as time went on. She makes great modifications and constantly ensures everyone is practicing safely. You will feel relaxed, challenged, motivated, and changed during each hour you spend in her class. I have felt myself improve more with Devon than I have with any other instructor.” – Shira.


Devon is a warm, caring, committed yoga teacher—her energy makes classes fun and helps motivate me to make it to even early morning practice. Her classes follow a progression that feels good and balanced. She provides suggestions so students can adapt postures to best fit their own bodies, and cues and adjustments that consistently deepen my practice. I always feel I learn something new in each of Devon’s classes.” – Liz

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One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Dina Barnes says:

    Devon has a great presence which makes her a natural teacher. Her class includes an amazing balance of strengthening, stretching and relaxation. She is very patient, easy to talk ,positive and friendly. Thanks Devon.

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