Doula Support Services

Each time I am invited to participate in a birth, I get goose bumps and a deep sense of humility that this new mother, parent, and sometimes couple, wants to include me in their special day.

Giving birth is personal and private.Yoga-63.jpg The experience manifests for each baby and each mother differently.

I respect your choices and hope to assist you in actualizing your birth plan, however that unfolds on birth day.  As a  feminist and social justice activist, I believe that you should know your options and that you are allowed to change your mind whenever you want. I also think, it is okay to know your mind and not waiver. One way or the other is not better for you, the baby, or your family.

I meet with you before the birth to discuss your philosophy and approach, practice poses and positions that you might seek during labor and sometimes direct you to have certain conversations with your provider.

Someone once said, she didn’t know what she didn’t know and what to ask until I mentioned a strategy she had never heard before.


Ultimately, this is your path.  The yogi in me believes that the process: your choices, you as director of your own body; are as important as those first moments when you get to hold your newborn bundle.

Neither ignorance, nor gaslighting manipulation, nor unsubstantiated fear are respectful devices in this process.  You should not feel as though I have my own agenda or judgement about your decisions: my work is to be with you, confident in the decisions you are making for you and your family.  You are not expected to know everything or be without anxiety.  Intentionally surround yourself with expert guides, professionals and specialists that are respectful listeners and active partners  to support you in your experience. I hope to be one of your partners in this awesome life transition.

I am an LGBTQ friendly birth doula.

If you are interested in my doula support services, please contact me at yogidevon AT