Yoga for Runners: a student’s review

Little Miss Runshine, Devon, Denise

My friend Jessica, came to my yoga class for the first time last week.  Jessica has her own blog, Little Miss Runshine.  Yup, she’s a runner and we met in running club. She gets around the city cross training, a practice she’d dedicated too since an injury and yoga <<hint, hint>> is part of how she keeps her running in check!  I’ve been talking up my yoga for runner’s class and while she couldn’t make it (you totally should…$40 massage when you do this month @ The Breathing Room), she came to a class I taught at O2 in which I focused on hips, hamstrings and IT stuffs.

This is what she has to say about me:  “As an instructor, Devon is very attentive and comes over to help align you properly and give modifications if need be.  She also isn’t too serious and she makes you laugh throughout the class.  I don’t really take myself too seriously so appreciate an instructor who can throw in some humor.  It was actually interesting that at least half of the class was men-I’m used to the class being predominately women!

Here’s her second review.  Great photos of fun poses!  And the second one, too! She shows, galavasana, bird of paradise, forearm stand and more in her latest commentary.

She showed up again for two more classes this week.  It’s great to get support!  And, in case you forgot,…Tomorrow is Yoga for Runner’s @ The Breathing Room 7pm!! 

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