Port side, Wharf side practice

What a glorious day!

I returned from leading a fantastic class on the Boston Harbor. The group was intimate and just as excited as I was to the adventure of an outdoor practice.  Being on the water with the boats in the morning when the city is at peace is magical thing.  Doing some asana adds more “Ahhh” to the fun.  I’ve been working with this fabulous group of yogis and yoginis for 12 weeks and have had a most rewarding experience.  We have laughed and laughed!

Week one out side was no big deal.  Besides the concrete surface which we readily adapted to with a beach towel padding or a double mat was no problem.  I thought balance might be challenging or rolling up and down on the back might be a tad bit uncomfortable.  Nope.  So I dropped my expectation of making that we’d have to modify our vinyasa.

Week three hit us with insane humidity alla summer 2012.  If you’ve been in New England at all this summer, you know what I’m saying. A whole new meaning to Hot yoga.

So after we  survived weeks of humidity, last week there was a torrential downpour.  I mean to say the wind came, the sky darkened, the lightening flashed.  Badda Bing! Badda Boom! Thunder, too.  Staying calm as everyone else not under our beautiful tent rushed in and on top of our class for cover.  Oh, but we carried on with the flow.  Then, what I thought would be a short downpour turned into more than an hour of heavy and gigantic goblets of raindrops.  With wet mats and a stinky sewer, we carried on.  

I am happy to report that this week was a perfect ending to our summer chapter.  Sea breeze, cool temps and some twists rung us out.  I led the class through a Chakra meditation during savasana and I departed glowing from head to toe.  It has been a blast bringing ‘yoga to work’ for my new friends. I don’t think winter snow will stop us!

xo, D. 

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