Mother’s Day Special!

So much happening for the Moms!

 Yoga for Birth & Labor will be held April 4th, 12:30pm at Cambridge O2 Yoga.  Join me! Register

IT’S BACK! Yoga & Massage Special!  I partner with the wonderful and talented Kate Wolfe for an hour prenatal (postnatal) massage and 3-yoga classes.  Schedule classes & massage within 3 months from Mother’s Day 5/10/15.  Classes available day after purchase. No refunds. Register

And as always…

Prenatal Yoga
Monday 8pm, The Breathing Room Boston
Wednesday 5:45, O2 Yoga Cambridge

Mom/Baby Yoga
Focus is for postpartum body but Dad’s can and do come too!
Monday 2pm, O2 Yoga Cambridge
Friday 10am, O2 Yoga Somerville

December is for the Mommyasanas

Two Exciting Prenatal Specials this Winter!


3 Prenatal classes & prenatal massage for $115
3 MomBaby classes & postnatal massage $115

See details here!

Yoga for Birth & Labor

December 20, 2014 | 12:30-2:30

O2 Yoga Cambridge, 1001 Mass Ave btwn Central & Harvard

Register HERE


Devon is a Doula and Childbirth educator in addition to being a yoga teacher and loves when her expertise blend to create exciting learning opportunities for her students. This workshop explores the various yoga postures, specifically those poses beneficial for ease and comfort during each of the three stages of labor. We’ll talk about your baby’s position(now and in labor) and poses to move into depending on your baby’s position.

Breathing techniques and a guided meditation & visualization will follow our practice.

Bring a partner, spouse or a buddy to help assist you in some postures that reduce the discomforts of labor and of course, someone to laugh with always makes it more fun. Appropriate for all levels and all trimesters of pregnancy.

$45/couple in advance, $50 same day registration.

Last Call- Yoga for Runners 4/6 1-3pm



After the 2009 Boston Marathon

Come join me as part of your marathon taper plan.  We’ll stretch the hips, IT band, strengthen the feet and core and get you balanced for your next run whether it is the Boston Marathon or a run to catch the T! Runners’ Yoga Clinic, Sunday 4/6 at O2 Yoga Cambridge 2001 Mass Ave btwn Central and Harvard. Sunday parking is easy. T accessible!

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