Yoga Retreat Recap

More snow?! Le sigh. Here’s some sun for you.


A month ago, I left for a fantastic opportunity to teach abroad at a yoga retreat.  Mimi Loureiro included me as one of her senior teachers on this amazing trip.  So, this year, my teaching and my learning  began with some dynamite asana on the Maya Riveria in Tulum, Mexico where O2 Yoga holds their annual retreat.

This was the studio’s 14th trip.  I was invited by the founder/owner Mimi to co-teach at this seven day yoga reset.  It was better than I could have imagined. It was an honor to teach alongside my root teacher (Mimi’s teacher training was the first training I took and when I realized I wanted to be a teacher).  The bonus of being invited was that I got  to soak up the sun!

yoga teachers tulum uttita hasta

Being away kept me fresh and constantly thinking how to use that energy back in my weekly classes. Come to class and check out the adventure.  Tonight, after I taught, a student commented, “that was so interesting! We did so many things I’ve never seen before!”  Another student, added “Your classes are always creative, experimental and fun. Thanks for a great class.”  I do experiment but I think he meant exploratory. I strive to practice all the classes I teach and I am constantly asking myself: Why did I choose this order of postures? How else can we approach this asana? If I move this way does the pose feel more integrated?  How can I get this same posture with less force/effort?  Am I learning something?  And, when I ask myself those questions, I have to change it up, I have to keep evolving.


Last week in class I tried a new cue I polled the class to see if they liked it.  I saw the students bodies respond but when I polled them, the success rate was 50%.  There’s a disconnect between the teaching, the practice and their awareness. So, I go back to the drawing board.  I practiced the sequence more this week and changed it a bit and changed my words. Practice is an opportunity for awareness and realization.  It is not abstract.  Moreover, for me, teaching is so much about learning. I am forever a student.  And I am so grateful for the opportunity Mimi gave me to go Mexico. It’s was a difficult year and I was confronted with new challenges right before I jet set. I am just so humbled by my community of teachers and the generosity of small actions. And my students, you, are more inspiring than you know! Thank you!

Yoga for Runners: a student’s review

Little Miss Runshine, Devon, Denise

My friend Jessica, came to my yoga class for the first time last week.  Jessica has her own blog, Little Miss Runshine.  Yup, she’s a runner and we met in running club. She gets around the city cross training, a practice she’d dedicated too since an injury and yoga <<hint, hint>> is part of how she keeps her running in check!  I’ve been talking up my yoga for runner’s class and while she couldn’t make it (you totally should…$40 massage when you do this month @ The Breathing Room), she came to a class I taught at O2 in which I focused on hips, hamstrings and IT stuffs.

This is what she has to say about me:  “As an instructor, Devon is very attentive and comes over to help align you properly and give modifications if need be.  She also isn’t too serious and she makes you laugh throughout the class.  I don’t really take myself too seriously so appreciate an instructor who can throw in some humor.  It was actually interesting that at least half of the class was men-I’m used to the class being predominately women!

Here’s her second review.  Great photos of fun poses!  And the second one, too! She shows, galavasana, bird of paradise, forearm stand and more in her latest commentary.

She showed up again for two more classes this week.  It’s great to get support!  And, in case you forgot,…Tomorrow is Yoga for Runner’s @ The Breathing Room 7pm!!