New Monthly Class!

Moms Night Off: Relax, Recharge, Restore 02143
*October 17 * 7:30-9pm* $20 * Preregistration required*
Arts at the Armory, B5
Treat yourself to a kid free, uninterrupted practice! Bring your mat, & I’ll supply the props and massage oil. We’ll start with a flow. Then savor work deep into neck, shoulders & hips to prime the body then relax the mind in a sweet, well-deserved savasana. 6 spots so early register by 10/10.

Register here  (First of a monthly class series. Future dates are 11/14 and 12/12) (safe for early postpartum or prenatal women, too.)

The Yoga Antedote for Running, Cycling & Plain Ol’ Livin’


A few weeks ago, I visited a good friend and body-worker. I first began visiting her office several years ago when a hamstring injury that just wouldn’t go away needed attention. We worked through that problem and now I see her regularly for maintenance and care.

During this recent session, we were talking about the bike ride I had just completed 150+ miles in two days(MS Cape Cod Getaway! I highly recommend doing an event for charity!)  and her triathlon training.


I should mention, that my hamstring injury, while not running related  (definitely Yoga, primary series related) affected my running. During training for my most recent marathon, which was a disaster (epic fail), my calve muscle began seizing after long runs. I would wake up in the morning unable to get my heel to the ground.   I bought compression socks, I ate more electrolytes and bananas and greens.  During the marathon, I tied my shoe laces WAY too tightly and coupled with the already angry lower leg, walking became unbearable.

So, back to the present. A few years later, I’m still working on figuring out how exactly to keep my legs happy after lots of forward folding and use running or in yoga.   While exploring this simply fascinating topic, of course, I’ve learned other things about my left leg and namely my adductors. A chiropractor suggested that lymphatic fluid buildup in this area may trigger that party going on in my leg.   So the body-worker whose table I was laying on as we were discussing cycling and training, suggested I do legs up the wall after running.

As it so happens, around Boston marathon time, my husband complained about a sore back and hamstring soreness and the FIRST thing I told him to do, was to put his legs up the wall.  This man doesn’t stretch but I figured, even if he doesn’t stretch, he could listen to a  baseball game with his legs up the wall doing nothing and do some good for his body. IMG_4501

So the one-trillion dollar question is -Do I put my legs up the wall after a run? I prescribe it!  Friends talk about it! Mmmmm…So, why did it take me so long to practice what I preach?

During my MS bike ride where I rode 115 miles, I put my legs up the wall for a good 30 minutes and on the second day of cycling 75 miles, I had no problems. Day later? week later? no soreness.

So now as I write this post I’m lying on my back after 7 mile run with my legs up the wall. So why is this Viparita Karani or legs up the wall such a magical pose?  As part of any first aid training, problem?  RICE! Elevate and ice and so on.  After pounding the pavement incessantly? Repetitive motion of hips, quads, calves, knees?  It would make sense that to reinstate R&R we should elevate them. I’m no medical practitioner and I won’t suggest that when we go upside down into an inversion, our circulation goes upside down; At least I would hope not:  I always want blood flowing to my heart, but it makes sense for other lymphatic fluids to move away from a raised area.

I often suggest legs up the wall for my prenatal students when they suffer from swelling feet or ankles.  I suggest legs up the wall for students who were ever troubling trouble with adrenals. Legs of the wall seems like it’s your cure-all.  Hooray! I fixed everything! It’s a pretty accessible pose. I did it camping,  between rides and at home.  The hardest part is nudging your butt against the wall to get your legs up in the first place.  Besides that – piece of cake! Like I said before, you can listen to the baseball game read a book or record a blog entry. Easy Peezy! #PracticeWhatYouPreach #YogaEveryday



Last Call- Yoga for Runners 4/6 1-3pm



After the 2009 Boston Marathon

Come join me as part of your marathon taper plan.  We’ll stretch the hips, IT band, strengthen the feet and core and get you balanced for your next run whether it is the Boston Marathon or a run to catch the T! Runners’ Yoga Clinic, Sunday 4/6 at O2 Yoga Cambridge 2001 Mass Ave btwn Central and Harvard. Sunday parking is easy. T accessible!

Register under the workshop tab @

Awesome Newcomers – Studio 54 Disco

Last Friday at the Cambridge Y, I hosted my first on-site Yoga for Runners class and it went splendidly.  In fact, I’ve been coming of off that (yoga)runner’s high ever since!

The class was small after the labor day holiday but it was ever so sweet.  Two new members came to class and were most enthusiastic.  Both had minimal yoga experience and as athletes were tight.  We worked on the hip flexors, inner thigh & groin and the hip rotators (think piriformis!) with pigeon or fire-log pose.  And of course, we did crane.

This is where it gets to be so much fun to be a teacher:  neither student had done this arm balance before…and <<Disco, Studio 54 music! lights! jazz hands!>> BOTH got both feet off the ground!

Just because I love this arm balance doesn’t mean everyone else will but it is the first arm balance most students learn and for that reason it is so empowering.  If you’re doubting the pose lacks authenticity in a yoga for runner’s class then let me explain that weak upper body can be a liability for athletes.  Additionally, crane tones the core muscles and gets us to feel light.  Runners need core stability and runners often describe their best runs as those in which they feel light and as though they’re flying.  Flying in crane is perfect for that!  Lastly, performing endurance sports means focus.  You can’t think about much else when you’re balancing on your hands trying to avoid a nose dive. Focus & clarity- that’s yoga!

After I taught the pose and was ready to move on, the students were still playing in their arm balance.  As a teacher, I felt rewarded; the students were making the practice their own.

Join us this Friday 6pm Mass Ave Y, Cambridge $15.

Running just as fast as you can

After a truly fantastic final weeks of summer, I have found a home for my *yoga for runners* class! “Hip-hop Hooray-ho, Hey-ho”…Don’t pretend you forgot the lyrics. Or that feel good feeling you had of being young and invincible. Enter the need to complement running + yoga = running through old age.

The Cambridge Y is hosting this fun filled class beginning this Friday at 6pm.  Members can use their passes. Outside friends can drop in for a $15 rate.

Those are the details but I’m totally jazzed about this for a few reasons.

1. I had a long run this weekend with a plan to log 20 miles.

2. I came close but didn’t feel so awesome on the run. Heavy legs and tight calves were brutal. Yes typical of many runs but not essential to grin &  suck up.

RETROSPECT:  I did not do much yoga last week.

My hope is that the class offers so restorative opening for runners who have logged some miles during the week but also prepares for the weekends’ long run by getting into the outer hip, legs and upper body for mobility.

See you on the mat!  Namaste.