NYRR cancel NYC Marathon

So, I’m not so heartbroken not to run tomorrow though I will be ready to rock the NYC Marathon 2013.  I sympathize with the friends and families who have to push through this natural disaster;  warm hugs to my Staten Island family. Having only dealt with car insurance over accidents and still fully drivable cars, I can’t imagine the paper, hoops and stress Hurricane Sandy destruction brings.  I think I would be sad if I were an international runner or this was my first race but this is only another one, cancelled for good reasons. I just wish the race organizers had cancelled early in the week- it seemed a bit disorganized to me.

On the upside, since there are so many fun people interested in running…I will be offering a *NEW* Yoga for Runners & Cyclists class at the Breathing Room in Central Square.  Stay tuned for details.  The YFR&C class at the Cambridge Y has been a great success so why not add one more?  Two weeks in a row, great numbers, new comers and an enthusiastic crowd.  Its so much fun.  I myself am nursing a calf injury and ankle sprain so I’ve been adding more yoga to my running routine  to take a time out.  Still there’s a short 5K tomorrow for ALS in Kendall Square and a few more marathons, and half marathons this season.

Take care of your bodies.  Good luck to my Cambridge Running Club kids who have found other races this weekend.  Way to go Lehigh Valley & Manchester City! See you for your post-race recovery days at Yoga for Runners!

CCM Relay Team Runder & Lightning Yogis


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