Artists, Community, Down dogs

Last night I taught a community class which was amazingly awesome and insane! One student sat on the bench waiting for me to unlock the door. We thought we were going solo until, <<bing, bang…BOOM!>> We filled the room like its never been filled before!

To top it off, a well represented number of men & women; old & young; new & veteran students filled the gallery with their mats.  That diversity rarely happens at any place I teach.

Gallery 263 in Cambridgeport the  Wednesday night *happening* place with great artists and great music.  This side of the river is a daringly cool spot!  This class is my weekly tzedakah, seva, caritas… charity – – class of the week.  Low cost classes of $10 a pop support this amazing gallery and open up a community spot that might otherwise be close or reserved to the high brow.

The Executive Director, Laura is super accommodating and helpful, not to mention, David a founding supporter who does his own share of seva for the gallery and practices with us.

But, let me not get lost community! artists! sun salutes! …The energy of the class was the students gift to me- whether or not the students know it.  Beginners challenged themselves to find the new postures, veterans used focus and their breath to subtely deepen and finess each posture.  Folks came with spouses and friends.  Folks came solo.  It was just a feel-good supportive environment that I was so humbled and thrilled to be apart of.  It was the kind of class that for me as a teacher felt like home, a place tp fomd comfort in and return to again and again.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the yoga space the Gallery offers because I’ve been able to experiment and find my “yoga voice” here.  The gallery fosters a workshop space for me the teacher-artist.

Thank you to the Cambridgeport friends and Gallery 263 for providing the space for us to groove!

See you next week.

Namaste, D

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