Awesome Newcomers – Studio 54 Disco

Last Friday at the Cambridge Y, I hosted my first on-site Yoga for Runners class and it went splendidly.  In fact, I’ve been coming of off that (yoga)runner’s high ever since!

The class was small after the labor day holiday but it was ever so sweet.  Two new members came to class and were most enthusiastic.  Both had minimal yoga experience and as athletes were tight.  We worked on the hip flexors, inner thigh & groin and the hip rotators (think piriformis!) with pigeon or fire-log pose.  And of course, we did crane.

This is where it gets to be so much fun to be a teacher:  neither student had done this arm balance before…and <<Disco, Studio 54 music! lights! jazz hands!>> BOTH got both feet off the ground!

Just because I love this arm balance doesn’t mean everyone else will but it is the first arm balance most students learn and for that reason it is so empowering.  If you’re doubting the pose lacks authenticity in a yoga for runner’s class then let me explain that weak upper body can be a liability for athletes.  Additionally, crane tones the core muscles and gets us to feel light.  Runners need core stability and runners often describe their best runs as those in which they feel light and as though they’re flying.  Flying in crane is perfect for that!  Lastly, performing endurance sports means focus.  You can’t think about much else when you’re balancing on your hands trying to avoid a nose dive. Focus & clarity- that’s yoga!

After I taught the pose and was ready to move on, the students were still playing in their arm balance.  As a teacher, I felt rewarded; the students were making the practice their own.

Join us this Friday 6pm Mass Ave Y, Cambridge $15.

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